The construction of walls with concrete blocks presents economic advantages when compared with other traditional constructive systems. To begin with, to form a modular system, concrete block allows a great certainty in measurement of materials in the project stage. The relatively large size of the block of concrete derived in great constructive performance and a smaller number of joints, the most vulnerable part factory. The work is similar to the brick but its execution is faster and easier, having a large number of special pieces (lintels, platelets, media blocks, blocks of meeting to keep the rig, corner blocks). There is an economy of concrete to pour in work, as being block an item an integral part of the structure, part of the material is already pre-cast and cured.

The concrete block is hollow, generally. This circumstance, in addition to enabling the placement of armor inside improves the thermal and acoustic insulation. Concrete blocks have a high thermal inertia and its resistance to fire can reach a RF-240. Zero reaction to the fire of the concrete blocks are classified as A1 without trial. Verification of the structural safety of walls of block of concrete in Spain is regulated in the basic document is-F factory, of the technical building code.

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