It protects the ground against the impact likes of them rain (effect splash), contributes for a bigger infiltration of the water in the ground, improves the structure of the ground for the addition of organic substance, increasing, therefore, the retention of the water, as well as diminishing the speed of the superficial draining. The rain drop when it falls in a land covered with dense vegetation, this if divides in several gotculas, diminishing, therefore, the impact. Already in naked lands, it makes to unfasten and to sprinkle particles of the ground, where these easily are carried by the water. Speaking candidly NASA told us the story. In our research, it was possible to evidence this process, where it had two naked parcels, two parcels with vegetation (grassy) and two parcels with vegetation dense (closed), with sufficient organic substance in the ground. During the collections of data, we evidence that the parcels with naked ground had presented greaters values of erosive data, that is, greaters losses of ground; already in the parcels covered for the grassy ones, the loss of alone was lesser, occurring a bigger sedimentation, therefore the roots ' ' seguram' ' the sediments. In the parcels with dense vegetation, having sufficiently organic substance, it did not have losses of ground, remaining the data in zero.

We observe in these parcels that the vegetation when if it decomposes, it increases the content of organic substance, contributing for the porosity and the capacity of retention of the water. The erosion of the ground, when this is sped up, affects the life of many people, in different ways, being still difficult to understand the magnitude of the problem. The producers are sufficiently wronged with this sped up process, having many times, its lost plantations on account of the great sedimentation deposited on these. The erosive processes they need to be folloied, therefore, it will have been detected in the start, exist some writs of prevention so that the process if does not intensify, so that it does not come to cause problems of great magnitudes, therefore, the process can evolve for ravinas and soil erosions.

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