Offering free quality bonds, your prospects will think that products that are paid, will be still of higher quality. These bonds can consist of products additional, complementary to the proceeds of sale. (Source: Kathryn Strandburg). If you’re selling software to write articles, you can offer some articles fresh with resale rights or private label rights. You can also offer consultancy services free on a topic related to the product or service you are selling. -You can use the premise of scarcity as an incentive.

It works very well, mainly with physical products, but also with information products. Let’s see how: you can offer a training programme in line for a limited number of attendees, with the justification that you need sufficient time for personalized attention to attendees. This makes sense, and people will not see it as a marketing strategy, but as a logical reality. -I repeat, meets deadlines and limitations of bids. You lose all credibility, if a prospect buys hastily to take advantage of the offer and then back to your web site and realizes that the offer price stays there despite having fulfilled the term that had been given. I repeat: you will lose credibility and not only you will not buy, but It may recommend evil; above all, if it is an entrepreneur in internet with lists of prospects, and profile on social networks.

Be very careful with what I say in this section. As we have been pointing it, the Copywriting is a combination of techniques, strategies and actions. As mentioned it in one of my articles, it is art and science. However, the sense of urgency created in the potential buyer can convince prospects to buy fast without exerting on him or her, any harmful pressure for your business.

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