But how to demonstrate the love? Love is demonstrated through the acceptance and communication. It is normal for couples to have everything in common. Differences maintain interest. You may like your partner but you may not like everything about him. The question is: do you accept? Can you accept their differences? Can you accept your imperfections? Can you accept his whims and what irritates him? And can you live with them? That’s the real question. If can not accept your partner, you can not live with him. Period. How you communicate with your partner determines the level of intimacy in your romantic relationships. It is important not to be competitive in the dialogue. Like to know your role in a relationship is a good idea to know how to say your lines so you do not step on the lines of the other and end up fighting. Love is demonstrated through making and keeping agreements (with all the little romantic than it sounds). You can not be successful in a romantic relationship with someone who does what he said he would do. Marla and Tad have love and lust. What they lack are compatible tastes. The differences in their goals and lifestyles are incompatible. As much as Marla loves Tad and want your body, unfortunately are not in the same direction. Each successful romantic relationship must have three things: lust, tastes and love. What’s yours? Cherry Cherry Norris Norris is a well known celebrity relationships coach, workshop director and lecturer known.

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