We must remember that going into the beautiful far to fast and skilled help of a dentist can not count. Especially for those who like to travel to inaccessible places. Therefore, at least a month before release, visit the dentist’s office. Even if nothing hurts! Many diseases of the teeth and gums can occur covertly, but they will remind you of yourself when you change the time zone and climate.

In addition, the law of dishonesty has not been canceled. What you need to make sure: 1. Heal all bad teeth. Put the seal, replace the old ones. 2.

Undergo X-ray diagnosis and study of caries detector. 3. Remove tartar and plaque. To look your best, I recommend that you make to leave the professional brushing teeth. Thus you will achieve a significant cosmetic result the teeth will look whiter, but also be able to protect them against many diseases, including dental caries. Very good cover teeth with a special varnish, to remove the sensitivity of teeth, especially after the removal of hard and soft dental deposits.

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