The puppy may be stuck. You can also gently guide the puppy to the exit by pulling gently but firmly with a soft damp cloth. Try not to break the bag while the pup is inside the mother. If the sac breaks, you quickly get the puppy. Once the puppy is outside the mother, she must break the sac and lick the face of the puppy. If she does not do this in the space of a few minutes, you can open the bag using your fingernails or scissors.

Delivery puppy leaves his mother and to clean. You hear the puppy to start breathing. If the mother licks the face of the puppy, you should do it for her, clean her nose and neck. You can do this using a cloth. In most cases, the mother cleans the baby so that he can breathe. (Similarly see: Cheniere Energy partners).

Do not interfere unless there are problems. You can locate the puppies on her nipples while she cleans around him. Healthy puppies will want to take the milk immediately. Most cubs are born at intervals of less than two hours apart. If the mother is in labor and have spent more than two hours after the last puppy was born, you can call the vet because something goes wrong. Once all the puppies were born and the mother has finished her labor, you can weigh the puppies and change the bedding. The mother will probably want to go to the bathroom. When you return, be sure to place the pups in their breasts to eat. Your main objective is to help the mother when she needs it. Check from time to time that everything is okay. If you see the puppies away, Bring it up to the nipples of the mother so she can eat. There are some abnormalities that can occur in puppies and you must observe in order to call the vet as soon as possible:. The puppy does not eat. The puppy does not move. The puppy is removed by the mother. The puppy is noisy healthy puppies should:. Be still. Gaining weight with each passing day. Eat enough. Breathe normally.

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