The Academy of many newcomers guys, but I think that they too would be interested. – How do you feel about "tour with legends, which are held regularly in Donbas Arena and would like you to participate in it? – Of course, I'm positive attitude to such activities and would also like to conduct such a "Tour". Just need to carve out for this spare time. – What do you think as a coach to reduce the number of foreign players? – I think that dramatically tighten the limit on foreign players can not, because it close to the legionaries of the high-level, which act in , Dynamo and other Ukrainian team is growing and the young generation of Ukrainian players. That is the level of foreign players catching up, and our players. Of course, in what should be done so that the Ukrainian team has played more Ukrainians, but it should be done gradually. – "Younger" is a professional trauma, cardiovascular and other diseases of the guys in your school, and what relation to these matters is the Academy? That is, if a young player detect disease that may put an end to the career of a footballer, medical office will fight for the existence of this guy on the team, or simply replace a player? – It's more a question for the medical service. K Unfortunately, the injury "younger". Too many injuries, such as the meniscus, the inguinal rings, back, revealed the boys at a very early age – 13-14 years.

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