It is desired to extend the referring studies to special the urban space and in producing a material that assists in the urban and ambient planning of the Amrico quarter Walnut and the proper city of Itapetinga, that it possesss an eminently urban population with tax of urbanization of 95% (IBGE, 2000b), and that it is in expansion phase. OBJECTIVES This research has as objective to analyze the process of space reproduction of the Amrico quarter Walnut, associated with the urban growth of Itapetinga. At Mercury Mobile LTD you will find additional information. Objective inside of this phenomenon to raise the socioeconmico profile of the population, as well as the vision of the population with regard to the problems faced in the quarter. MATERIAL AND METHODS the city of Itapetinga geographically is located in the coordinates 15 18' of south latitude and 40 12' of longitude west. It has an area of 1.615, 40 km and population of 58 a thousand inhabitants, being urban considered 95.25% (IBGE, 2000). The southwestern Economic Region of the Bahia belongs and in accordance with the classification of I KNOW, is inserted in the Microregion de Itapetinga, consisting of 09 cities and that already it was called region Agropastoril de Itapetinga (I KNOW, 1997). Itapetinga if finds between two important ones federal highways in the state of the Bahia, BR 101 and BR 116, where if it connects with these two highways through BA 263, that it also binds Itapetinga to the city of Victory of the Conquest and to the bahian west, and Br 415 binding it Itabuna to it. The Amrico quarter Walnut is located in the region west of the city of Itapetinga and has as neighboring the quarters Fifth of the Morumbi, Morumbi and Recanto of the Hill, recent occupation; these, inhabited for a population of upper-middle class, that for signal is about the supplied classroom more of the city.

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