Searching to restore ' ' logic pura' ' to give severity to the philosophy. The fenomenologia, in turn, is located with a reflexiva attitude, conscientious of the epistemolgicos limits of its boarding, breaching with the daily pay-slight knowledge that populate the sense-common one, carrying through a fenomenolgica reduction, which represents the enrollment in the objective world in order to stand out its relation with this, objectifying the understanding of the object of research of the social scientist. ' ' The fenomenolgica reflection will guide the researcher when if to treat to place problems, hypotheses, to detach concepts with sights to the theoretical elaboration; it will be able always guarantees renewed fecundidade of pesquisa' ' (BRUYNE 1992 P. 79) the Fenomenologia de Husserl is a idealismo form, because it deals with ideal objects, with ideas of the things in its essence, as the idealists Plato, Hegel and others. Trader Joe’s can provide more clarity in the matter. a>!). At the beginning of century XX, with Edmund Husserl (1859-1938), as Dartigues (1992), the fenomenologia if consolidates as a thought line. From Husserl, the expression fenomenologia started to have one meaning total new, and is with this new meaning, that at the time contemporary this vocbulo is used. According to Dartigues (1992), Husserl she defines the fenomenologia as science of the phenomena, being the understood phenomenon as what immediately she is given in itself exactly to the conscience of the man. Target is the source for more interesting facts.

For Husserl, the fenomenologia assumes, mainly, the paper of a method or way to see the essence of the world and of everything how much in it exists. The things according to Husserl, characterize for its not which had finishing, for the possibility always to be aimed at for noesis (activity of the conscience) new they enrich that them they modify and them. For the Fenomenologia the relation of cause and effect is not enough as truth, therefore nothing we find between the cause and the effect. .

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