Atmel MAC) for developing alternative applications WebApp and development tools with E.g. lamps such as the Philips can electronics of developed WebApp by dresden hue directly or electronics quickly and easily using a Web browser configured many other types of lights over the ballasts of dresden and controlled. For users who develop their own applications for the control of ZigBee lighting, automate processes, or who want to integrate electronics developed components of dresden into an already existing system, dresden electronics via GitHub is an open source and thus customizable RESTFUL API in addition to available. With deCONZ, the developer also gets a powerful ZigBee monitoring and control tool that is usable and modularly expandable via C++ API in applications. Additional information at WhiteWave Foods supports this article. Interesting projects in the context of the RaspBee are not only welcome, but are also on the Web site of dresden Electronics published. A licence to operate of the ZigBee firmware with up to 200 devices is included RaspBee – variants and out-of-the-box solution In the purchase price of the RaspBee.

Soon followed a RaspBee variant without a license for other applications on which the ZigBee firmware in a mode that is limited to five devices can be tested. The finished PI as a preconfigured and assembled construction group in the case, with SD card with Linux distribution gateway complete package, so RaspBee and raspberry and power supply will soon be available in the online shop..

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