Coach register: Neutral and verified documentation for qualifications now can wear until April 21, 2010 free for two years in the coach register participants of about 50 state-certified and approved qualifications of the BSA-Akademie. Students and graduates of the German College for prevention and health management, the sister company of the BSA-Akademie, can register with their BSA licenses, which is acknowledged by successful participation in specific studies modules can, in the register of trainers. This offer is valid only for first-time registrations. The BSA-Akademie bears the costs for the initial registration, with approximately 120,000 participants since 1983 market leader for the part-time qualification in the areas of prevention, health and fitness. Coach register: Neutral and verified documentation for qualifications 2007 developed the DSSV, the German employers Association for fitness and health facilities and education partner of BSA Academy, as well as the German College, the National Register of trainers.

The DSSV represents the interests of the commercial fitness and health facilities in Germany since 1984. As official industry and employers Association of DSSV involved prevention, fitness and health for years for professionalization and qualification in the industry of the future. With the coach register the DSSV has developed a classification model, which aims to document the qualifications of the employees of the industry on a neutral and tested platform and bring more transparency in the qualifications of the employees of the sector and the training institutions through the classification in skill levels. The coach register is a directory of employees working in the fitness – leisure – health, their qualifications, and the companies in which they are active. At the same time it results in recognised training institutes. It mainly the advantage that only accredited and thus high-quality qualifications are listed, which speaks for the quality of the respective financial statements results for coaches and trainers. Companies can use the coach register In addition document the quality of the qualifications of their employees on a platform neutral and tested for their customers and cost objects. This ensures a greater consumer safety.

In addition, businesses can check the authenticity of application documents and information about content and classification of the respective qualifications. Overall, the coach register classifies qualification opportunities in Germany in eight qualification levels. Example: The head of a fitness studio is a qualified sports teacher (qualification level 6). Now, he has hired a new employee of a fitness trainer-B license”(qualification level 2). Also still a student of the study economics of fitness (qualification level 6) is busy in the Studio, who is seeking a master’s degree (qualification level 7) after completing his Bachelor’s degree. Another employee has completed just his fitness trainer-A license (qualification level 4) and now is preparing for the exam to the Fitness specialist at the BSA-Akademie (qualification level 5) before. More information at and

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