Had not planned to write a similar note, since it is not quite my style. Yet, forced to publish its statistics Majesty Quote remember that spoke Sherlock Holmes: "Watson, you understand: the human brain – is empty attic, where you can write anything you want. A fool and does: pulling back the necessary and unnecessary. And finally, there comes a time when even the most basic thing there is not zapihnesh. Or she hid so well that she can not get. I do my best differently. In my attic I just needed the tools. There are many, but they are in perfect order and at your fingertips.

A clutter I do not need. " Unfortunately, our world is such that we have to pull in "a loft" all necessary and unnecessary. By the way, Holmes was the only relatively wrong. Brain – is not just the attic, but rather an extensible storage. And then, as it expands – entirely in our hands. Even in ancient times, when I was in high school and went to tutor who prepared me for university entrance, I came across the book "The Early accounts by Trachtenberg," and "Rapid account" Yakov Perelman Isidorovich. The books were on the shelf with my teacher. I was shocked back then, that familiar and tedious operations can be performed significantly faster and more efficiently.

Then I thoroughly rusty, and remembered only when he worked for several years a teacher. I asked the students if they know more ways to accounts other than those that are taught in school. In most cases, no one knew anything, only a few examples of this can hurt, so I think that knowing how to perform several the same steps as shown in childhood will help the most "expanding warehouse" will allow a broader look at a number of things. And just some ways just interesting in themselves, cognitive reflexes can awaken learners. So, in the history of mathematics are about 30 common ways to multiply, or different pattern recording, or by the course of the calculation. Taught a method of multiplication, "in column "in the school – one of them. But the most effective if there is a way? Let's see then I'll give movies with the methods of calculation. What got into an example: read more anovichkov.msk.ru

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