The objective of our experiment was esteem the time of germination of the varieties of beanses of two species: Phaseolus vulgaris, with the varieties black and rajado, and Vigna unguiculata, with the variety colony. MATERIAL AND METHODS the experiment was carried through in room LM-09, of the Institute of Biological Sciences in the Federal University of Par UFPA, in the period of 19/07/2011 the 27/07/2011, with the duration of nine days. The grains had been of two vulgaris species Phaseolus (varieties black and rajado) and Vigna unguiculata (beans-da-colony or caupi) in a total of 3 types of beanses. The culture of the grains had been made in eight small polyethylene cups (dismissable) of 50 ml, lined with portions of cotton, each one of pots represented amostral unit (UA), and had been organized of the following form: Only supreme UA01 of rajado beans (F.R), only supreme UA02 of black beans (F.P), UA03: only beans of the colony (F.C). Amostral unit four (UA04) contained grains of the three types of beans. Amostral unit five (UA05) contained grains of F.P and F.C, whereas in the UA06 had been deposited a great amount of grains of the three types. The UA07 presented combinations of F.P and F.R., whereas UA08 combination of F.R and F.C (Fig. 1).

Figure 1? Representation of the units you show (UA) of the experiment carried through in July of the 2011 in the LM-09 in the Federal University of Par process of germination alone if it initiates in satisfactory conditions of humidity, and the limitation of the water availability during this period frequent determines the failure of implantation (MAGALHES & CARELI, 1972). During the nine days of experiment the units you show (UA) had been watered whenever necessary, less in days 22,23 and 24, for not having been possible to visit the culture area. In 4 the experimental units had been day transferred to a natural environment where they had remained for 5 hours, since most of the experiment was executed in a closed environment with half-controlled temperatures and illumination.

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