Feminist and traditsionalistka. Scorpio woman, who are you? Among the representatives of the zodiac signs Scorpio, there are two rare but typical for all women, psycho, which are formed within, when the woman is not in Scorpio cope with a strong character and the nature of the conflicting moaning in mind some inharmonious and negative conditions for development and personal growth. There are two distinct psycho woman: feminist and traditsionalistka. We consider both psycho for women born under the zodiac sign Scorpio. Scorpio: A woman "feminist"? The main feature of "feminists" is that in relationships with men she always home. There are some very good material, study on this subject, entitled "Woman Scorpio: do not become a hunter." Here we consider the causes and not the internal organization to combat the negative trends shaping the character of women Scorpio, but the essence of any semblance of the rule, which normally lies in the fact that she was "beloved" is in (in order to meet the physical needs, the implementation of small Orders, material support, etc.). Eternal love in her life priorities may be at any location other than the top ten, which is filled with business, career, hobbies, travel.

She decides everything, and the male (Permanent or temporary, love or just a pretty face) is bound to act as a slave. Not without that representative Scorpio will notice that there are guys who make at this coexistence. Dare argue, because most of these who lose much of human dignity.

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