The corrosion resistance of FRP reinforcement to the impact resistance of fiberglass aggressive media depends largely on the type of polymer binder and fiber. When an internal reinforcement of concrete elements resistance SNA should be evaluated not only in relation to the environment, but also with respect to the liquid phase in concrete, since concrete is hardening alkaline medium, which is usually applied alyumoborosilikatnoe fiber is destroyed. In this case, protection must be provided a layer of resin or fibers used in fiber another origin. In the case of concrete corrosion neuvlazhnyaemyh glass is not observed in the alkalinity of concrete structures uvlazhnyaemth environment can be substantially reduced by using cement in concrete with active mineral additives. In the process, the corrosion resistance of reinforcement in fiber and alyumoborosilikatnom epoksifenolnom binder (containing a glass-plastic 22-24%) tested samples at direct action of acids, alkalis, salt solutions, etc., as well as under the influence of aggressive media on the rebar through the concrete. Tests showed that the resistance of the SNA in the acidic environment in more than 10 times, and in salt solutions more higher than in 5raz strength steel bars. The most aggressive to sleep is alkaline.

Decrease – the strength of the SNA in an alkaline environment is the result of penetration of the liquid phase to a glass fiber through open defects in the binder, as well as by diffusion through the binder. It should be noted that the nomenclature of the starting materials and modern technology of polymer materials allow a wide range to adjust the properties of binding to SNA and receive structures with extremely low permeability, and hence to minimize corrosion of the fiber. The effect of temperature when the temperature is lowered from 20 to -40 C to strength Spa epoksifenolnom binder increases by 40%. As the temperature increases from 20 to 300 C, a gradual reduction in strength reinforcement to 60% of the initial (at 20 C).

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