Amen provide rescue services disaster of traffic accidents. Through the reserves Bank of the Dominican Republic all tax payment transactions are performed by services of the General Directorate of land transit and the General Directorate of internal revenue, processes that at the time must have been checked; but the lack of interconnection with other entities with respect to the recovery of fines makes it impossible to implement new controls on drug control more effective according to the demand of the times of modernization and transparency and the degree of difficulty and complexity of the issue of road safety. As a result, we have customary offenders without fear of reprimand. Since we do not have a management system institutional effective road safety nor develop a safe system approach. The Office of the first lady of the Republic could play an interesting role in education of road safety with the introduction of a new model in the national education system that we have called network of cities vials in the main towns of the country, which requires a special coordination with the Ministry of education and the municipalities. This would deeply transform the culture of the users of public roads; the implementation of a programme of development of this educational concept could be mainstay of attention to young people, who constitute a very important niche in the mortality rate from accidents on waterways.

The use of drugs and alcohol in drivers has generated tragedies prevalent in society, as well as excessive speed of youth on one occasion, antidoping assessments were made to members of a National Union of transporters, whose results showed that 25% of their drivers they used prohibited substances, according to press releases. Nobody bothered you. On the other hand, it is useful to mention that public hospitals must create availabilities above their capabilities in order to meet emergencies and post-hospitalarios services, hence the intervention of the Ministry of public health. Our nations are immersed in galloping crisis. Large amounts of money must be to avoidable siniestralidades on roads. The Dominican Republic does not escape this reality. The non-governmental organizations, in particular that relate to victims of traffic accidents, nowadays are interesting actors stimulated by international bodies for the promotion of road safety, moreover, encourage the formation of organizations of victims by this cause.

Recently killed more than one dozen tourists in a single road accident in the Eastern Region of the Dominican Republic, for example. That is why the participation of the Secretariat of tourism to promote safety Road. Meanwhile time passes, and as you would say the Declaration of San Jose, we are running without him.

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