visual4 GmbH from Stuttgart is part of the open source Park at CeBIT this year together with German and international partners. visual4 GmbH from Stuttgart is part of the open source Park at CeBIT this year together with German and international partners. From 5 to 9 March visual4 together with the Canadian CRM provider and developer of info@hand, 1CRM interested visitors present new solutions and products related to the open source CRM system info@hand. Info@hand was originally based on the Community Edition of the successful CRM solution SugarCRM and positioned with greatly enhanced functionality and new architecture successfully against SugarCRM Pro SugarCRM corporate, SugarCRM enterprise, and other commercial CRM solutions today. CRM link customer information companies far in smart way, with the aim to keep them present at any time for a successful customer relationship management (customer relationship management) systems. Professional CRM systems increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, useful customer knowledge is built up, Facilitate decision making processes and improve the efficiency of sales and distribution – all factors for positive growth opportunities. What’s new in the CRM Customer Portal with Typo3 and Joomla topics among systems!” via the customer portal, knowledge base, F.A.Q.s (frequently asked questions) as well as invoices and payment information can viewed etc. and support cases are applied and observed.

This direct collaboration and interaction with customers and partners (access via username and password) will be as the experts – agree – in the future more and more important. Another improvement is the Newslettererstellung with info@hand”- from creation to evaluation the newsletter – and campaigns module leaves nothing to be desired. Another important future issue is integrating telephony with asterisk/star face” these solutions to improve customer service and efficient and mobile CRM in addition easily allows the use of smartphones. A further priority is integration with Magento”the online store- Commerce modules are is an important ingredient for CRM systems: through the shop orders can be accepted and managed until they are paid. A new extension module developed by visual4, info@hand is multi-client capable, this it is possible that several independent companies, such as from a group of companies, a CRM share instance. In the billing document, these companies in accordance with the legal regulations are strictly separated and in the rest of the system can fine granular be defined, what client-specific information and which are used globally. In addition, but also all other features and enhancements are presented on request. visual4 looks forward to all interested visitors to CeBIT in block F16, Hall 6, booth 323. If you are interested you can get 2013 free tickets from visual4 for the CeBIT.

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