Oh, those pleasant bustle associated with the fact that as much as possible and fun to organize a meeting of the New Year. The very desire to make this holiday unforgettable, familiar to everyone. Order of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden – it will be the right solution for you. They will come to you dressed in a chic New clothes. Grandfather Frost himself will be with a magnificent snow-white beard and a red coat, which is embroidered with beautiful patterns and decorated with New Year's white fur. And with the majestic cane, red mittens, dressy hat, boots and of course a big bag of gifts.

Maiden also appear before you in a beautiful dress, sewn from silver or blue fabric, embroidered with various patterns, made-up artists studio, produced the suit. Actors who provide services to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, have different talents, but also know how to play different musical instruments. And that is why your party, in which they participate, always get a colorful theatrical performance. Screenwriters and professionals who work at agencies in providing such services for every New Year coming up and develop new scripts in this celebration, so that each new year was in his own original and memorable. Program with the participation of Father Frost and Snow Maiden are calculated on the short time. The most tremendous impression on Grandfather Frost will make kids older than two years. And we have in stock developed programs for kids of all ages, and therefore none of them will refuse to participate in various fun and entertaining contests and games with Santa Claus himself.

Restrictions on the amount involved in the holiday kids do not exist, and this means that the view can see not only your children but kids of your friends, and acquaintances. They will get more impressions, from which he proposed a small program, and will long remember this day. In addition to services at the Santa Claus house, there is also a service office in Santa Claus. This gives opportunity to make the order of Santa Claus to the office of large and small companies in a restaurant, rest house, a Christmas tree or on a corporate party. Our Santa Claus is everywhere and always have time to congratulate on the holiday, so that necessarily take all of them season's greetings.

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