COLCIENCIAS will acquire in the CESU, but beyond some articles that seek to encourage the scientific work, the proposal there is no a direct relationship with the law 1286, of 2009, which gave one greater to this entity dynamism.At least, within the new CESU had a permanent seat a representative of researchers, chosen from among the directors of research groups belonging to the two highest levels of the classification of groups established by Colciencias. (3) Spirit non-profit and monies private in public HEIS East will, surely, one of the main topics of debate about reform.Many investors, including foreign HEIS that have tried to enter the country, they will celebrate the decision, while some private IES, currently non-profit, feel unfair competition or, on the contrary, will begin a career to become corporations. On the other hand, despite the effort of the text regulating the requirements and controls, the inexperience of the country on the issue, will lead to many debates, especially among the rectors of the SUE (which now became known as SUP – public university system-) by the way in which this can be understood as privatisation, loss of control of the State on official education or increases in the cost of tuition for students. Regardless of taste or not by the subject, or the neoliberal discourse or not that argument is made, the subject can represent an oxygen for finance and opening the system to foreign capitals and International IES. Anyway, versus Bill in the Congress, presented by the previous Ministry, this develops more proposals aimed to seek more resources for the public University, clean up your finances and put an end to the historic deception of departments and governorates that play to finance its public University, but in the majority of cases only in name, because they don’t have the resources or the political will to manage them.The national Government and local authorities may make additional contributions to public institutions of higher education to finance investment projects that are directed to the improvement of the quality of the provision of the service.

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