Give away plastic. Or stainless steel and Prazsion sell? The advertising industry, namely the frequency of contact, would you take one of the most important currencies to scale, then a wrist watch with advertising logo would have”in the dial actually belong to the most sought-after advertising space at all. Since an average wristwatch carrier about 50 times a day looks at his wristwatch, there should be nothing better in theory to place its company logo. So overconfident had argue well, as some manufacturers in the early 1980s squared up, flooding the world market with so-called promotional watches. What initially fascinating democratic worked (cheap wrist watches for all), drew later that the true value of EndOf a real watch out of sight. Always cheaper and cheaper she had to be, the colorful plastic watch”. In the pyramid of needs of average consumers, the wristwatch as a consumer and cultural heritage into irrelevance threatened to gambler.

That is almost “all traditional brands could yet claim today, mainly because the idea of the plastic watch of their original fascination with more and more lost, and came in the late of 1990s, is expected, what in other contexts under the keyword shakeout” knows. The issue was considered at some point overwrought. At least the good idea remained, to put a company logo (private label) on the dial of a watch. In the wake of the mass production of inexpensive manufacturable wrist watches had outside Europe, especially in the far East, many production companies develop can, which made the theme logo watch with new quality attractive again after ebb out of plastic watches hype. Stainless steel now formed the basis for a new boom of advertising or logo clock at the well back emphasis was placed on durability and precision. The clock of a recollection of the inner values with this quality Renaissance quality messages could the logo clock as such survival and belongs to the Kanon of good assorted merchandising and incentive collections of large businesses. What the watch today even accused”is: as a promotional or giveaway comparatively little original to be. Indeed: In a creative meeting, where it is a matter for the merchandising offer of next season to develop ideas, you can not necessarily distinguish themselves with the idea of “Watch” as lateral thinking avant-gardist.

But want to Yes also finally ever again be the wristwatch: colorful, loud, shrill, oblique, intrusive, stylish or even funny. She is behind it without prejudice to these times lucky. And is that what makes them also still so desirable today: traditional heritage and valuable accessory. Volker large

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