With strong growth of construction increases the demand for vacation homes. Especially popular are the wooden houses. Why wooden house? The secret to the popularity of natural materials? Everything in it is at home from a log like "breathe" freely flowing through the fresh air. This is important for people who want to come to the country, go to your cozy wooden house and really relax. Here, music downloads expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Summer houses of wood and more popular for the reason that the tree was not only well-breathable, but at the same time in the winter than any other material retains heat. Music downloads has similar goals. In addition, the tree has a long life and durability at a special processing lacquer for example. House of the log will help keep the budget as the wooden houses is less expensive than a brick house. The wooden house is perceived by an absolute majority of the people as a symbol of warmth and coziness.

Wooden houses can be made in the style of Russian architecture, with carved shutters and a high porch, decorated with statues, carved by hand from the same tree. There is a tree and another advantage: the tree as a natural material perfectly fit for any landscape, there is only room for imagination of the architect or client. House of the logs are always in perfect harmony with the surrounding space, and almost any style of the site. Of course, along with wooden houses, bought another house and shield, and fast-frame houses, there is an active construction of the cottages. But on the characteristics of these types of houses somewhat inferior wood.

Construction of wooden houses today is experiencing the peak of his popularity. Harvested log, offered all sorts of projects of wooden houses to suit every taste, good people do trim wooden houses: generally conducted whole complex construction works. In principle, the draft pick is your own wooden house for the buyer.

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