Leipzig. Laptop, PC, monitor and router in offices and households consume a lot of power. Leipzig. Laptop, PC, monitor and router in offices and households consume a lot of power. But the data centers in Germany use a significant amount of power about 10 billion kWh were 2008. Until 2013, the power consumption of German data centers to nearly 15 billion is forecast kWh.

Massive electricity consumption by the information technology IT has become a major electricity consumers in Germany. In addition to private use, the IT usage in enterprises and an appropriate operating data centers play an important role in this of course. In Germany, approximately 50,000 data centers are needed for the infrastructure of the information superhighway or the use of the Internet. Related electricity consumption can permanently increase the energy costs and the CO2 also contributes to climate change emissions. The information and communication technology per year caused about 33 million tons of the greenhouse gas CO2.

Green IT saves energy in the face of the immense energy of the “” A new concept of information and communication industry is making the rounds: Green IT “or green through IT” are available for intelligent concepts, to make more efficient use of energy and other resources: an information technology that saves over even power throughout their entire life cycle and thus conserves resources. Furthermore, Green IT is environmentally and resource-conserving design. With a Green IT strategy from the individual workstation to the data center, companies can reduce their electricity costs for information technology by up to 75 percent and increase to their sustainability. Energy-efficient devices pay for themselves which allowed households, using computer and co. to save money and protect the environment? The environment relieves a conscious decision in favour of energy-efficient equipment and intelligent use of. Consume less power can a very efficient PC compared to a normal”up to 50 percent. Who shuts down the equipment properly can save money as well. Browsing green”describes a conscious approach to the Internet: so consumes a Google inquiry on average as much electricity as an energy-saving lamp it is estimated that in one hour (4 watts); a virtual identity in the computer game second life about 1,700 kWh consumed in the year; This corresponds to the annual power consumption of Einpersonenhaushaltes in Germany. Therefore Internet users should choose their Internet provider under ecological criteria, use fast Internet connections and consider themselves obtain electricity from renewable energies.

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