Now, if you stop in the street a stranger and say: “Well, what lives inside a black hole?” – Will throw you to call an ambulance, and smile and tell it like it is. After all, if the new “matreshechnaya” theory of the universe is correct, then our entire universe could be hidden inside a black hole, belonging to another universe. The so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges were first described in 1935. Although these wormholes have never been observed in nature, on paper they work and successfully supply the theoretical physicists of various data for modeling black holes. At the current level of development physics allows the existence of so-called wormholes. These favorite science fiction wormholes connect two remote areas in a short space, and theoretically passable channel. And here is a curious point: the two regions are connected in such a tunnel are not required to treat one space-time continuum. In other words, climbing into a “rabbit hole, Alice may well get out in a completely different universe.

Nicodemus Paplauski from Indiana University in Bloomington has been published analysis of the motion of particles falling into a black hole. In his view, the enormous black hole at the center of the Milky Way and other galaxies may well be “bridges” between different universes. In this case, our universe may well inside a black hole. These conclusions were based on modifications Paplauski equations Einstein’s general relativity, which takes into account the angular momentum of elementary particles. Once inside the black hole density substance exceeds 1050 kg / m , torsion appears as a force equal to the attraction. Scenario similar to what occurs during compression springs: original repulsive forces overcome gravity and torsion due to what the compression of matter, but ultimately, the repulsive force increases so that the matter ceases to be compressed and reorganized. Poplavskiy opponents believe that if our universe is inside a black hole the latter, turning, would have a spin in space-time inside it, what to display to the universe as a “preferred direction” and would violate the Lorentz symmetry linking time and space.

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