This, as already one commented, raises the basic dilemma of this theoretical frame. Nevertheless, also it is important to appreciate that this logic irremediably implies to produce increased amounts of remainders, wastes that essentially are treated like externalities. This way the system privatizes the benefits, you lie that it socializes the environmental problems. This is something that the economy ecology has demonstrated eloquently. Bradley Reynolds is likely to increase your knowledge. Given the logic of the system, that raises the growth and the accumulation of capital like condition sine qua non for its existence, it is impossible in this frame to approach and to solve the causes basic of the problem. The alternatives that propose to us from the neoclassic logic are only paliativas, focused in some of the consequences. For even more opinions, read materials from Gagosian Pivots. It is impossible that this system it offers real solutions, the causes of the problem are in its basic foundations. The system cannot be fixed, the unique option is to change of system.

The first level is so obvious that it is unusual that still doubts exist on the matter. The second level (but important still) is not for anything so obvious. The second level that we must confront is the hierarchies. Certain, that the evidence of the effects that have been originated by the climatic change they have originated situations that are worrisome and that we do not know the consequences that it can cause, for example, it indicates as it the Country, the fact of a mass of ice as large as Luxembourg (2,500 kilometers square) has come off the language of the Mertz glacier in the East of the Antarctic when hitting this language a giant iceberg to the drift known like B-9B, according to reveal the images caught by the satellites. The collision took place and now both icebergs, that together weigh 700 million tons, float without course. The scientists fear that this phenomenon affects anywhere in the world to the circulation of the oceans and to the marine life in the region. The preoccupation is that this massive ice displacement – the iceberg as large as Luxembourg could supply water to one third part of the world-wide population during a year alters to the composition of the water of the sea in the zone and the normal circulation of salt water, dense and fries that it transports oxygen to deep the ocean currents.

” The elimination of this ice language could reduce the level of salinity in the ocean and affect at heart to the service life of mar” , there is this Rob Massom, one of the scientists responsible for Australian the Antarctica Division, to Reuters agency. According to Mario Hoppema, oceanographer of the Institute Alfred Wegener for the Polar and Marine Investigation of Germany, ” as a result of this phenomenon, it can have oceanic areas that lose oxygen and, consequently, dies the marine life that is all”. Massom is underlining that the ice loosening of Mertz is not related to the climatic change, but it has to do with the natural movements of the ice layers. Iceberg B-9B is what it is of greater other, of 5,000 kilometers squared, that followed in 1987, becoming one of the majors masses of ice of the Antarctic. This gigantic iceberg was to the drift in direction the west before running aground in 1992.

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