It is relatively easy to find in these children and youths neighborhoods marked by a dysfunctional family, a very high rate of school failure and social rejection. Thus, young people, are before a total helplessness against a very real problem such as drugs, than offered for consumption by very diverse channels. It would suffice to read out some figures on production, sale and consumption of alcohol, amphetamines and tobacco, revenue in Treasury by these concepts or the numbers that move the security industry to begin to consider the social, economic and political importance of this problem then offered to public opinion disguised as a dangerous youth problem in its proper termsin danger, misfits, criminals, etc. We will not be very misguided if we consider drugs and insecurity as a problem of production and consumption. When you start talking about the danger of drugs and addicts, is the discourse on how to lock them or chase them ends.

In this way, the traffic to the wholesale is left out of the speech, which benefits the real criminals: traffickers. There are children between 12 and 15 years who already consume any of the types of drugs, whether tobacco, alcohol or hashish, and many others have had multiple offers to accept or try these drugs. This offer is almost always presented in its usual means of relationship between colleagues, by friends or colleagues (some older than them). It is not at the beginning of the consumption of a legendary drug dealer, but that incitement to test occurs naturally between the Group of neighborhood or school or Institute. What other option does to these teenagers the environment to be able to reject this risk, when the media (especially TV) insists every day that it is much more important to be?. Hence the alarming incidence of drug in this period of adolescence. The role of educators (parents, teachers, neighbours) is every day more a social need which must be covered with urgency. Professional experience in dealing with kids supports this assertion.

That is why we say that there is a clear and indisputable fact: the street is contaminated and nobody seems to want to give solution to the problem. Imagine the Lagares River of Vigo, where there were different types of fish with more or less defenses. The latter just unprotected are those that interest us. They select what should not or do not eat; However they adapted better than the rest to the polluted river because they have not known the other river better. These fish are those that just eat detergents, contaminated materials which shed factories around. When the Mayor raises the problem decides to hide the River, covering the problem. Can’t think you catch the fish and put them in aquariums so that, once cured, return them to the River. It would be an ineffective approach because the River is still polluted. What we could do, and do, is to put sewage treatment plants for water from the River. If we apply this story to the Kids: do not think clear that is sometimes hidden or ignored the problem by those who hold power?

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