But he should have a document certifying the transfer of rights property to a new owner. In practice, this purchase agreement – the sale is concluded between the buyer and the real estate agency engaged in the sale of the object. The contract specifies the data about the customer, information about a property being purchased, the price of the object and the conditions for its payment. Real Estate Agency provides full advising clients on buying and selling of real estate holding of the procedure of purchase, provide service to familiarize with the objects with the wishes of the customer, verification of ‘purity’ of the object (the lack of mortgages and other encumbrances on the object). In the absence of such a transaction becomes absolutely reliable. The process of buying. Thus, the process of purchasing real estate can be summarized as follows: The choice of the property.

(See the relevant section of the site) Conclusion of a contract to purchase the agency Real Estate. Payment of a deposit of 15 – 25% of project cost. The agency sends requests to the War Office in Izmir and the General Cadastral Office in Ankara for permission to acquire the object Property foreigner. It takes 3-8 weeks. Registration of the transaction and registration of property rights (Tapu). After receiving permission, the seller and the buyer (or their representatives) meet in the Land Registry management, where the design of Tapu in the name of the new owner. For registration Tapu buyer present a passport with the translation into Turkish and 3 color photos.

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