Who is the boys and girls whom they mark fight for the Internet Are the children of the industrialization that terceirizou the education of our children, Are without voice in this society that defends as much to them that steals of them its individuality, steals of them its paper of individual in formation, steals of them the school of the life, steals of them the growth, the virtues, the responsibilities human beings and social, and the responsibilities for its proper acts. This and the generation of the adolescents who possess responsibilities only in theories, because in the practical one they are its parents who answer for them. This generation and not only considered individuals in formation when one is about its sexual freedoms and its immature and dangerous sexuality, it leaves because them not motivated for the exercise of the life. This because the sex is the factor that motivates the man in its conquests. They are the children of the parents without time for its children, or of parents whom the illusion has of that parents are gifts alone for the fact to go in the pertaining to school meetings of its children or look for the face of its children two times per day. Parents gifts were those that to its imitated them children because its parents were the next reference to man, the greater influence that the children received, this because these parents had free time and still they could take its children for helps them in some work. The modern parents have that to work many times to Saturday and sunday and still to study so that they obtain to remain itself in the work market, this is the generation of parents that with more than forty years has that to study to remain itself in the work market and thus to obtain to keep its social condition.

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