His proposal was based on that during their performance as Argentine military attache in Japan, had been at the Manchuria and as that region was so similar in climate and soil to Patagonia, it based its proposal. He spent time, and one day, doing a study on South American camelids (so called to the guanacos, llamas, vicunas and alpacas and their crosses), I found myself with a doctoral thesis done in the University of Uppsala, Sweden, on camel milk. In this research carried out in the Horn of Africa, it was based with profuse bibliography, the versatility of the Bactrian camels and then I understood the concern of Sarobe and I’ve been doing it mine between the charged of all the coffee, as it said that tango that as well intoned Julio Sosa. So we could think of a caravan of camels to carry goods all peoples to Mira Pampa, Victorino de La Plaza, and General Villegas. Do and tell me delirious, he will ask some chusco with that smile loader did not leave, where you get the camels?. Well there is an instance that is called international technical cooperation and could be requested them to China or Mongolia (say that there comes what of Mongo Aurelio): I’ve heard that there has been some attempt by the northern Argentina and that there was also a Canarian immigrant who brought them in Uruguay (in the Canary Islands there are three hatcheries of camels). Well it would have to come a Chinese breeder of camels and his translator and insurance appear countrymen to make reseros.

The camel eats anything and holds up to a week without drinking water. It doesn’t disgust to mud, rain or cold. Pull out how much the reader eventually and vera that this would serve to many regions of Argentina, where it is much cheaper with a proper programming and ecological that pave the way or using a 4 X 4.

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