Every age, every generation has its own priority literary movement, which has the talents and, of course, the fans. But not all of the writers who consider themselves to the talents really are not. How many of them are really talented, it will be clear, not when their books are bought today with a bang (possibly a momentary fame or a good advertising campaign) and not when they may simply ideologically steadfast according to today's era, the works become a manual for students in middle school, which learn a few generations. Clearly would have made if you are really significant contribution to the literature or found in the literature whether your face worthy representative writing fraternity only when after many many years can you be a classic writer, and every intelligent person would consider an honor to see in my library, your product. Only then will we say with confidence that you really have made a significant contribution to this art form as literature. Time not only heals, but puts everything in its place. Who would have thought that Bulgakov For example, living almost in poverty, surviving on wages local doctor, and then laboring in a small newspaper reporter just after his death, become really popular and widely read author.

Although not. And there was this luminary domestic, and indeed, world literature its takeoff. After running his play set in the Moscow Art Theater. But the fame and the big fees flew a little too quickly and quietly. Bulgakov died unrecognized genius, in close communal apartment.

Literature, like any other art form, has always reflected the era in which the living representatives of this kind of creativity. Books written during the Renaissance, or rebirth, permeated with the spirit of humanism. It was at that time (from 14 to 16 century), originated in France and began to develop rapidly around the world, the idea that man – the crown of creation and that's enough to belittle and intimidate the church and feudalism. Humanism encouraged people to disclose his creativity, because that God created man in His own image and likeness. What else can we be like our Creator, but the fact that they themselves become the creators, including the creators of their happiness. In the literature of the era Renaissance is possible to distinguish several genres. The most popular genre was the genre of novels. As for poetry, there is a popular sonnet (stanza, consisting of fourteen lines with a typical rhyme). Rapidly develops, with the help of Shakespeare and Lope de Vega's drama. That starts with the renaissance of this genre of literary work as journalism and philosophical works. The era of communism and the development of socialism in fsu is expressed in the writings of socialist loyal Communist Party writers. In these works, pronounced cult of Lenin Lenin and his followers – Stalin. It literary works are capacious and truthfully describe to us the past. Poetry and prose by contemporary authors on the literary portal hut reading room

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