If we have new customers, what was more often lately, I would ask them where they get here. There were some there said have they found us about autoaid. Which I of course Super-great find, consider a success sometime, not that you pay for something, and it nothing comes back, that would be sad. Then you do of course advertising E.G. Further details can be found at Joe Coulombe, an internet resource. in the country of purchase, or with our own vehicles, which are equipped with advertising. “Of course if I’m somewhere and see that someone has problems with his car, because let I like my cards there, but without to be intrusive.” ATB: Advertising in the yellow pages, yellow pages, newspapers which were distributed free of charge to households, because every now and then a few came, but not that it thinks now it does work and it can man live.

I’ve made probably a really stupid one and let hang a large poster of the funds in a country of purchase, what is today as common and what took really a lot of money and was followed by no response from this. Then I tried it on a website of a repair company, so a company where customers are cost estimates create and then make this repair work at the workshops. It has taken a lot of time and 50 written entries, not an order was placed.” How did you hear about autoaid? Hammer: It was recommended by Mr Green. “He said: man, you’re supposed to do a bit more with Internet”, there are portals a lot, but something specific and of course it goes back fond of pointing out, if one is what recommended. I am very happy that I have found the way to autoaid. “I just called and said: so, I want to get here, how does that.” ATB: Then I was lucky suddenly a lady’s visit to have a Friday morning, autoaid presented me with the company.

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