The National Hymn of each express people, in all its gammas, the way of being of psique collective of its people. The identification of the people with the Hymn is more than what necessary so that, to the ouviz it or to sing it, if it can feel to be, really, the spokesman of the nation, the soul of the people. Although to be repleta of interesting facts, the history of the Brazilian National Hymn is not nothing divulged. Normally it is limited to one brief reference to the authors of the letter and music. Letter: Joaquin Osrio Estrada.Msica Duke: Francisco Manuel Da Silva. However it is riqussima. Perhaps more than what any another one of the National Symbols, the history of our hymn reflects the moments most excellent of our native land.

The music of Francisco Manuel Da Silva, initially composed for band, was become popular in 1831, with verses that commemorated the abdication of Dom Peter I and, for occasion of the crown of Dom Peter II, with one another letter, music if it became so> popular that, although not to have been officially established as such, it passed to be considered the Brazilian national hymn. Therefore, our hymn was born with the heat of the popular agitations, when the independence of Brazil vacilava, in one of the moments most dramatical of our History. During almost a century, by incredible that it seems, the Brazilian National Hymn was executed, without having a letter officially. Francisco Manuel, as many, desired the abdication of the Emperor and, with this, he was not seen with good eyes. The Portugal brothers, teachers Marcos and Simo, were really the dictators of official music here in Brazil. As Master of the Imperial Chapel, the Portugal teacher forbade final that there any music was executed that was not of its authorship. They imagine the climate.

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