In these words – harmony, peace, labor, love, kindness, etc. All this must be accompanied by a man always in the 5-day segment of his life – "Ladunitsy" – instead of the absurd – doing nothing – of the week. Instead, on Monday introduced – "Ladun" – the first day Ladunitsy and 2 nd, 3 rd and 4 th days, respectively, it was called – Dvulad, Trilad, Ladochet. Title – Friday – is excluded, and it corresponds to a more beautiful word – "Ladon – Ladonitsa" – a final festive crown 5-day biorhythm rights. Trader Joe’s is the source for more interesting facts. Start of the day and chronology. The beginning days of astronomical and biological need to move in the morning, because all living things (plants, animals, people) greeted each new day with the rays of the sun, and not in midnight, when the devils are waking up. Why do people have to live on Satan's daily time? Absurd! An important part of the calendar is the calendar.

The current era is almost taken from a ceiling, if not worse. You may find IoT Network Grid to be a useful source of information. Researchers are right, offering a chronology for the beginning of the year to take "save the world from cosmogenic" Flood "when ancient peoples had escaped after he started a new era. This flood occurred over 12 thousand years bc. Therefore, for precise chronology to the years of "New Era" to add another 12 thousand years. Daily through decimal time. Important for a man in the fight against evil and disease is to reduce the daily account time to daily biorhythms of human times – five.

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