Rumor has it that the New World discovered by Columbus, but we are all know: the Atlantic puddle before it ceased to be an insurmountable obstacle for the courageous and savvy sailors who sought new lands. Different objectives lead them. Some were sent to the royal persona, the other – just got lost in the ocean during a storm, and others – looking for adventure, and so on. There is reason to believe that a thousand years bc to America sailed the Egyptian priests in the team Phoenician ships. In those centuries, of course, no one thought that someday play football and soccer ball and the same sports shoes will be forever associated with the American continent, as it is with him spread throughout the world rubber – the raw material for rubber production.

However, now footballs are made of synthetic materials, but there were times when the pig bladder trimmed with leather and deer selflessly drove this, I may say so, football. In 19. bc learned from the same latex, brought by Columbus to make rubber. Since then, along with the skin it is used in the manufacture of sports shoes and balls for different sports. But let us return to Ancient Egypt. The oldest ball, found by archaeologists in the pyramids belongs to 3500 bc Balls, of course, existed before, but have not yet been found.

Yes, and unlikely to be found. Sew the ancient Egyptian the ball was made of leather and stuffed with straw. They played only noble people. The ball is pretty expensive thing is so expensive that it even was placed in the tombs of the nobles and pharaohs. Apart from playing in the leather ball, it is known ritual with two teams, driving the ball curved wooden sticks (than not hockey?) and Beat-not for the sake of glory, and the gods in the name. Ritual and ceremonial nature were almost all ancient races of ancient peoples. Sport, as art in general, began with a ritual dedicated to the image of a totem, or one of many pagan gods. Here to argue about. It is debatable as to who was the founder of a cultural phenomenon and who thus brought something to other people. If, say, perhaps to the Roman legionnaires have infected soccer Britain, it also may well be that the ancient Egyptian priests taught the North American Indians not only hieroglyphics, and its ritual ball game. This game is revered by the ancient Egyptians the most respected and worthy of all the other games. It is therefore natural to assume that the priests the missionaries could not pass her attention, and sowing way or another, their religion and their knowledge in faraway America. Different people for manufacturing balls used a variety of materials: balls were made of animal skins, woven from reeds, twisted out of rags, cut from the tree. and everywhere the ball was at first a sacred symbol, and then exercise equipment. A circle or ball symbolized the sun, moon, earth and life itself. It is strange that fifa in 2004 recognized the Chinese version of football's oldest, although the first mention of It belongs to the second century bc Perhaps, once again triggered a stereotype – 'All great discoveries have made the Chinese. " Funny and sad. One might as well be the oldest version of soccer you can admit the game ball from the Eskimos, the former ritualistic acts committed during the festival in honor of the victory over the pernicious mythical creature named Sedna.

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