Ethics are necessary that have taken the people and the State to respect international agreements, not as imposing norms or, but as position differentiated ahead of the life. more than agreements with the others, we need a new taking of internal position of the life and the universe ahead, with cuidadoras attitudes that facilitate coexisting and the inclusion of the other in the world of possible significaes. As we affirm in them in our relationships with other people, and the form as we intervine with ours to know subjective rational and, is historical and affective constructions of conscientious and unconscious processes that go to facilitate or to make it difficult the life of this and of the future generations. Concluding, we can say that Potter, as well as Discardings in the end of its life, recognizes that the Biotica becomes something very beyond what imagines, and in its final writings of 1998, if thus express one in Pessini (2008, p.50): ‘ ‘ … what I ask for to them is that they think the Biotica as new scientific ethics that combine the humildade, responsibility and ability, about a perspective to interdisciplinar and intercultural and that potencialize the direction of humanity of pessoas’ ‘. .

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