Noxum publishing Studio for use in Group companies in the area of technical documentation of strategic alliances put emphasis on synergies in divisions as wide as possible. Here also the multiple use of software systems is particularly interesting. In the area of product communication and technical documentation, a content management system that is multi-client capable, can be used by several companies. Noxum has its multi-tenant content management system in use at such affiliated companies: thus, each individual group companies can create its product documentation in a common, but separated about content pools Noxum publishing Studio. The Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, has optimized its editorial system in standard configurations with a wide range of functions and advanced modules designed for companies and strategic alliances. The content management system is multi-client capable in its entirety.

So can the Group companies, which have a uniform data structure and similar layouts, the create technical documentation in the quality required for the target markets. Multi-tenant content management system corporations can employ the multi-tenant content management system for their companies and divisions that have a high product variety and-varianz, of particularly profitable: requires a consistent data structure and similar layouts in the related sectors. Various companies, such as in the plant / machine construction, benefit then particularly of the reuse of the content modules as well as the proven schemes and layouts. The system is set up once for the Group and operated content pools separated from each other for the respective clients. “The uniform centralized system configuration can be reused for several companies” are. The system offers the specific publication adjustment to maintain the different corporate designs. Use the content for corporations and their companies become one individual directly by all users on the basis configurable authorization concept in a content management system maintained. The Noxum publishing Studio allows the integration of task-specific editors uniform creation, centralized management, translation and publication of the respective product information, transparent figure control of correction and approval processes, and the reuse of content. Documents can be clearly structured, text modules easily managed separately in custom content pools and easily found information. In addition, the system supports the largely automated publication in the respective target format of the individual companies.

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