-Explain clearly what the role of the family educator: directing, coordinating, directing the family reflection on their own reality. For even more details, read what Mike Shinoda says on the issue. -It is necessary to encourage the participation of all members. -Help the family to clarify the concerns and doubts about the work proposed them. -Finish the interview summarizing treatise on it and emphasizing the agreements reached, which in this first interview acceptance of the start of aid process, its duration, articulation and finalization. (c) aid process: will essentially take place through a series of family interviews in which, as already we have pointed out, it’s the family to reflect on their reality, their problems, their needs and their abilities, for it will proceed according to the following scheme:-identification of needs, problems, family aspirations: the interview will begin, as in all caseswith the reminder of the object and the purpose of it. For the realization of family needs need to always bear in mind that these acquire reality insofar as in they are heartfelt and made explicit as such by all members of the family. That is, it is essential that all people think about their own needs and to what extent these become family needs.

This means an additional effort of listening and respect from all sides, and also a decision to overcome the purely individual framework to achieve the group framework of the family. -Identification of strengths and capabilities: compels a person to reflect on herself. The identification of strengths and capacities family starts with the realization by each of the components of the family. -Identification of supports and resources: it is that the family is able to achieve formal and informal networks of support. In this way the family will have been able to build, to clarify not only their needs, problems, aspirations, but also resources, media which has to be able to deal with them, going to articulate in a way precise how they will carry out the intervention, where they will begin, how are going to control the results, etc.

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