This characterizes piracema, where in headboards of the rivers they find clean water and enough oxygen for the development of its younglings. The amphibians in turn had evolved of the fish, having allowed to occupy them firm land. I hug in it nuptial of the amphibians, the elimination of spermatozoa and vulos increase the fecundao possibility, that is external. Of the amphibians it you challenge and them the birds and mammals. You challenge them present internal fecundao, with the fecundao of ovulo in the interior of the female, and formation of a rind that involves the egg and protects the embryo.

How much the birds, the same ones exert a special care on the offspring, constructing nests, where they heat eggs with the temperature of the body and bring food for the younglings, whose activity is played in such a way by the male how much for the female. In the human beings it drinks it is protected inside of the maternal womb (uterus) where the stock market d' water protects the youngling of impacts caused for brusque movements and accidents suffered for the mother. The birth of a youngling allows the perpetuation of the genes of the species through the generations. The human being in contrast of the other primates presents well-taken care of greater on the offspring of what the exerted one for the ancestral ones. The human beings had had its drawn out infancy, and thus they had been able to learn basic the cultural values, through the learning with the parents and the society. This interaction with the society allowed to develop the mentality, appearing the art in paintings in the rocks and sculptures in the walls of caves.

It says it without a doubt has been the main and more important factor in evolutiva history human being, allowing the superiority on the other animals. Speaking, the human beings can be communicated more easily. With a rich vocabulary, the language human being appeared with the increase of the cerebral mass of the ancestral ones throughout the time. The sound is a series of functions that if they initiate with the air exit of the pulmes, that to pass for the larynx, vibrate the vocal ropes, being that the thickness and length of the vocal ropes intervene with the frequency of the vibration. , The more thick, in such a way more serious it is the sound. This factor allows the agreement of the vocal timbres of men, women and children. However, the species human being was to little genetically modifying itself, a time following the ambient modifications, the organism was also adaptando it these changes, allowing the survival with intelligence. With the modern technological advances, the human beings they had been evolving and if specializing, and thus it made possible the accompaniment and development of new technologies. In such a way, the evolution of the animals, above all of the human beings, brought innumerable benefits to the communities allowing the survival of the species and thus the discovery of new limits.

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