Tips Wizard invented special formulations: – A thick layer of paint softens, causing a brush on the painted surface of the iodine solution or a paste of a mixture of chalk, asbestos dust and caustic soda (water to produce a solution should be hot). – To remove grease stains that have arisen from animal or non-drying oils, used 2-3% nyyrastvor hydrochloric acid or 5% solution of soda ash. Processed place then thoroughly washed with water and remove the paint with a spatula. To traces of paint will inevitably remain in some places, then do not stand out on the painted surface, wipe clean ceiling after stiff brush, which dipped into the water, but we must be careful not to damage the decking on the ceiling. To destroy the grease, in some cases one just rinse the surface may be inadequate. Then resorted to cutting down greasy parts plaster, using elektromolotok. Cavity closed with soil, put a new plaster, carefully dried, stained with oil paint new plaster around the joints, causing the primer to the surface and carry out final finishing.

If the tread on the ceiling of grease, they will not,. possible to paint with water-based paints, whatever they may be hiding power possessed. If the ceiling is supposed to cover vodoemulsionkoy, grease, you must first process the enamel paint. To remove the adhesive ink on the surface ceiling can cause 1-2% solution of hydrochloric acid. From this tool, paint swells and moves easily, then the ceiling thoroughly washed with water.

More detail in the next. article separately, we note that the renovation of apartments on the photo Online To remove the old oil paint, you can use the solution, which includes a lime (1.3 kg), potash (0.45 kg) and water. The solution is prepared about the thickness of sour cream and then cover the surface to 12chasov, and after This shoot him with the old paint.

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