In spite of its light construction walls provide enough high-quality protective properties against environmental influences and can be constructed in almost any area, regardless of climate. The design of panels consists of two sheets of galvanized steel with predominance of thermal insulating material in the form of foam. Also, the inner walls of the sandwich panels can be wrought wood stove, giving the interior comfort and convenience. Buildings of sandwich panels can be constructed out of several floors with the creation of many rooms, it all depends on how you distribute the plan. Another good plus is that if you for some, the reasons were not able to finish one floor, then installed the roof, you can easily make out with little effort and continue to the next floor dostraivanie. The design house of sandwich panels has a very high strength, which can not stand small earthquake reaching up to 8 points. Roof because of the quality of roofing can withstand about 160 kg / m of snow, the vertical load can reach up to 9-10 tons per sandwich panel.

Building constructed with the help of such material is completely harmless and does not emit harmful chemicals even after several years, which is confirmed by certificates and GOST. The structure consists entirely of natural materials, but in order to fully ascertain the safety of building construction book is recommended only in proven companies that use the material trusted the manufacturer. Compared with chopped houses or constructed from timber, they have the highest fire safety, since the external side is made up of steel plates inside wrought impregnated hardboard special blends that do not support combustion material. Insulation of the walls also has properties that prevent fire. Therefore, houses built of sandwich panels have a greater degree of security. One of the advantages of a good long-term retention heat even in winter. As in ordinary urban house heating can be done whether it's electric, gas or wood-burning just all depends on the opportunities in the region.

The walls are heated much faster as opposed to brick buildings, so feel the warmth and comfort you even in winter through a small period of time. Following an analysis of the home of sandwich panels are the best and cost-effective solution for building a country house or a private in the urban region. You can save a lot of both money and time, and after a short time you will be able to enjoy the coziness and comfort in new home. But to get a decent quality of the operation should not forget about the manufacturer, who must have a good reputation in the market.

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