Faulty master data result in high costs and jeopardize the sustainability of companies. In every company there are various master data: material, customer, supplier, accounting, asset master data and so on. In the master data, for example, the information about a material observations, that is now very rarely changed. These include among other things the name of the object or for the identification of the object information such as dimensions or materials. During an order process for a screw from the master data the order-related information and added together to an ordering. It is clear that the value of a master date only then can unfold, if he in a business process (here ordering process) its effect can more or less. The information on the type of material is only in the specific process”meaningful.

The business-related importance of master data is more and more recognized. Through the IT-supported business processes, must master data across the enterprise identical interpreted be. Click Band Lab Albums to learn more. Thus, requirements across the enterprise standardized master data are constantly grown in recent years. Companies have addressed this challenge caused many research initiatives. However, almost exclusively the interests of large companies were addressed.

Small – and medium-sized enterprises feel not often addressed, because their situation or their conditions, not sufficiently in the research are taken into account. Has consistently, that the degree of penetration of standardised master data is low. In contrast to the listed companies they are owners frequently. This means that decisions are personenzentriert, the scale effects rather low, which in turn affects the organisational infrastructures and human resources. The crux here is that just companies with low economies of scale with harmonised and standardised master data may compensate for this disadvantage. But do it not: you were too little of the research addressed to the Managing Director are (still) no asset master data”, too little recognized that master data and process costs are inextricably linked, master data for the quality of the process are responsible.

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