For leitoas, in farms that carry through the diagnosis of estro (rutting) two times to the day. As described in the chapter of PHYSIOLOGY OF the FEMALE, leitoas presents minor duration of estro and precocious ovulao of what the nuts. Therefore, the most indicated it is that the first one WENT the same either carried through in turn of the first positive diagnosis of estro (RTM positive? TO SEE CHAPTER 2), that is, in the call hour zero, being, the inseminations (IT WENT) subsequent effected to each 12 hours, since that still in estro (rutting). Normally it does not have necessity to be done more than what 3 IAs in leitoas. Protocol 2? Based in the interval it weans-estro (IDE) and in the duration of estro, for females weaned in properties that carry through the diagnosis of estro (rutting) two times to the day. Females with IDE up to 4 24 days do not have after to be inseminated for the first time before hs the beginning of estro, a time that, supposedly, would have estro longer, compared to the females with IDE of 4 the 5 days. The IAs subsequent they would be carried through with 12 intervals of hs. In females with IDE between 5 and 6 days, the first one WENT is carried through 24 hs after the subsequent beginning of estro and 12 IAs to each hs. For females with superior IDE the 7 days, the first one WENT is made soon after the detention of estro, having been that one second always WENT nor is necessary. However, it is important to remember that a great variation between animals and flocks exists, how much to the interval characteristics weans-estro and duration of estro, and that this relation is not present in all the farms, as described in the chapter PHYSIOLOGY OF the FEMALE.

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