The Playful one in the vision of some theoreticians Between the theoreticians more excellent than subsidizes meets the exponents of genetic psychology, as: PIAGET, WALLON and VYGOTSKY and others that had shown to the importance of the game for the infantile development when propitiating the descontrao of the child, the acquisition of rules, the expression of imaginary and the appropriation of the knowledge. For Piaget, with the symbolic game, the child exceeds the simple satisfaction of the manipulation. It goes to assimilate the external reality of its I, to find fantasiosa satisfaction by means of compensation, overcoming of conflicts, fulfilling of desires and of rules (that they mark the transistion of the individual activity for the socialization). Another great influence in the psychological research on the infantile game comes of Vygotsky. Its boarding seems to emerge as alternative and theory of Piaget, especially with respect to a detailing of the participation of the social context in the formation of intelligence. The difference between Piaget and Vygotsky is in the two important elements of the infantile trick: the imaginary situation and the rules. In a tip if it finds the game of papers with implicit rules, where the child creates an imaginary situation; another one the game of explicit rules. Another author who makes important balances with regard to playing is Aberastury, that says that when playing the child dislocates for the exterior its fears, distresses and external problems.

The extreme situations for its ego repeat in the toy all. The young plays to it to the measure that if develops. When playing it makes a total delivery, either of its body, either of its mind, this makes with that these experiences are lived deeply with much intensity. The fact not to play at the moment adjusted with the corresponding toy to the age can cause disturbances, and the fact of that in one determined phase not to appear one definitive way to play it can mean a signal of bad development.

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