Management is doing things right, leadership is to make Peter Drucker General things, concepts, characteristics, types and symbols all management processes can be supported in the flowcharts, since these are a graphical representation of the sequence of activities in a process. Shows what is done at each stage, materials or services that come in and out of the process, the decisions that must be taken and the persons involved (in the customer/vendor string) Leonardo Becerra (website) gives us on the flow diagram or flow chart, which is to represent graphically facts, situations, movements or relationships of all kinds, through symbols.According to Guillermo Gomez eyebrows,. (1997); The flowchart or Fluxograma, is a diagram that graphically expresses various operations that compose a procedure or part of it, establishing their chronological sequence. According to its form or purpose, can contain additional information about the method of execution of the operations, the route de people, shapes, the distance travelled through time spent, etc.For Idalberto Chiavenato. (1993); The flow diagram or flow chart, is a chart that represents the flow or sequence of simple routines. It has the advantage of indicating the sequence of the process in question, the units involved and responsible for its execution. Francisco Gomez Rondon.(1995) comments; The flow diagram or flow chart, is the symbolic or pictorial representation of an administrative procedure.

According to Gomez eyebrows, Chiavenato and Gomez Rondon, features are: for Gomez eyebrows, Guillermo. (1997): Synthetic: representation that is made of a system or a process should be summarized in a few leaves, preferably in a single. Extensive diagrams hamper your understanding and assimilation, therefore cease to be practical. Symbolized: The application of symbols appropriate to the diagrams of systems and procedures prevents analysts annotations excessive, repetitive and confusing in its interpretation. Visibly to a system or a process: diagrams allow us to observe all steps of a system or process without the need to read extensive notes.

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