And don’t let the sweet dream seizes your languid eyes without having reviewed what you did on the day: in what I have failed? What I’ve done? What I should have done and did not do? Starts from the beginning and explore everything, and reproach you errors and rejoice the success also alludes to the correct way of living, psychological independence and non-identification: many are the voices, some unworthy, other nobles, who come to hurt the ear; That you not asunder or not you again for not hearing. When you hear a lie, to support it with calm. But what I will tell you now need cumplas always: that anyone, by his sayings or deeds, rouses you so that you do or say anything to not be best for you. Think before you act to not commit nonsense. To broaden your perception, visit translation software. Act and speak without discernment is of poor people. You on the other hand always do what can not damage you. Life in the community included physical work, gym, Studio and walks. On the more internal work nothing has transpired.

Pythagoras left nothing in writing, and in addition the community was subject to the oath of secrecy. It is known that there were two aspects: the external, related to politics and society and in which the Pythagoreans reached an exceptional importance reaching great economic and political influence. For example it is known that some cities in the South of Italy were under his power. It must be borne in mind that there were Pythagoreans who lived on the grounds of the school and others who lived out by what could be engaged in social, political or economic functions. The internal, related to processes of initiation into the mysteries and the secret teaching. This internal and secret teaching of the Pythagoreans there is no be understood as a written and binding dogma, but rather what mancilla it is linked to the search of the liberation of the soul of everything up achieve higher States of consciousness.

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