One fact must be accepted, especially when it comes to health and long lives.The fact is that a cure for genital herpes has eluded the medical and scientific community for the day. A great deal of time, effort and research has gone into finding a cure for genital herpes, but everything was not in vain. The prevention of outbreaks is the only thing the medical community can offer today in day.The VHS virus, which is responsible for herpes disease is very difficult for our immune system localization.This is a virus that affects the mucous membrane of the skin, the only place in our immune system can not leave. Our immune system is prepared to fight the virus and the cause of elimination from the body once it is identified as the flu virus.Esta involved a complication, because it can enter into a period of dormancy, they become inactive and gives out no symptoms at all. Debbie Staggs contributes greatly to this topic. This can mislead people into thinking they have not been infected.La another strain of the virus, HSV2 can lie dormant for years deceiving people into believing they have been cured. is not a distant dream, but not impossible given the advances in the field of medicine is making. the best way to cure, prevention and prevention of unprotected sexual contact will definitely protect against the deadly virus of VHS. Also, try to be monogamous as loyalty to a partner that can lead to a successful relationship and a great form of prevention against sexually transmitted viruses such as HIV and HSV. Do you suspect or know you have genital herpes? You do not have to tell someone you have herpes, just read the information provided to you: Of course.

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