To follow chicken, of preference the dry white wine. Some prescriptions with chicken also can gain a special touch using the wine during the preparation of the plate and these yes, can have the wine tinto added to the prescription. 7. PARTICIPATING IN the CONSTRUCTION OF the HISTORY OF the GASTRONOMIA the people who knows its culinria of certain form it starts to more understand a little on its cultural history and its origins. Credit: Eric Garcetti-2011. The chicken as the maize, the cassava and vegetables, is cultural patrimonies and is total on to the Brazilian people, some of them before exactly of the settling. As I also have knowledge of that our culinria could make plates with the local traditions, however based in the classic culinria thus having more refined techniques in its elaboration and in its presentation, present in the next item the original prescription to the chicken in the roofing tile and a prescription of chicken with pur of cassava, that I created my interests in research in accordance with, exactly for my formation, gastrnomo, and valuing actively substances local cousins: chicken and cassava. with certainty the cassava is the great queen of Brazil. Thus it was called in: ' ' The history of the feeding in the Brasil' '.

(Cascudo, Luis of the Chamber: 1983.). 8. PRESCRIPTIONS Ingredients Chicken in the roofing tile: 5 kg of thighs and on-thighs of chicken I temper the taste? 1 spoon (soup) of sugar? 1/2 liter of chicken broth? 1 glass of milk-of-coconut? 1 spoon (soup) of safflower or colorau? rosemary? mint? basil? smell-green? organo? 1/2 kg of tomatoe in rodelas? 1 chili in rodelas? 1 spoon (soup) of tomatoe mass? 2 chicken broth tablets? White cream? 1 spoon (soup) of butter? 1 perforated onion? 250 ml of milk? 2 spoons (soup) of maize starch? 1 box of milk cream Way to prepare In a pan places the sugar and leaves to dourar until being well dark, places the tempering chicken and leaves to refogar well until reducing the broth in half liter.

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