Today, everywhere I hear that here and there, the musicians almost confiscated notebooks with information, with backing tracks for copyright infringement. Let’s go back a little back in time and remember how it was before. I do not know as in other cities, but I think it was about the same everywhere, in our town in the 80s was the OMA (the union of musical ensembles), the guys the musicians were placed there, no matter what restaurant you are ‘sitting’. Every Friday all the leaders (often called ‘kirovodyately’) bands of all restaurants and cafes were going to OMA for briefings, where they clearly explain what you can sing, some can not. ‘Black’ list is constantly changing, supplemented, but there were songs that were always on the list. All will remember ‘The Cranes’, ‘Murka’, ‘Yoo-stop’, etc., songs, without which no one in the evening ‘pub’ is not treated. Where to go on ‘Parnassus’ singing without problems, however if this time someone came out with the OMA test (which was quite often) – that the problem arose at the next planning meeting.

Well, it’s a bit I digress to another topic (though I still remember how we were forbidden to sing ‘Moscow mischievous rake’ on poetry Esenin – ‘sovkovaya’tupost). And wanted to say a little about one another. Each month, the head of each musical group of all the restaurants and cafes filled raportichku which spells out the entire repertoire of the collective, with all the authors of music and words. Well, OMA, respectively deducted each city ‘author’ to the nearest VOAP (All-Russian Society of copyright). Everything is clear and logical. And what about now – all in the course.

Musician comes to the host institution agrees (mostly verbally) about working conditions and the payment and all. (About what are known as art directors at various schools in general do not want to say – this is a separate issue). More likely to work under ‘Minus’, one or two. Few of the owners of establishments can afford (or not) pay ‘zhivomu’kollektivu (it is at least 4 people, and then four of us work tyazhelovasto). And to blame a musician who works under ‘Negative’, that no one, nowhere and no one pays the copyright? And who in the end they have to pay? Somehow, ‘tax’ believe that it should make a musician, and, for example, not host institution. Where is the logic? Or it is the same as with ‘Moscow mischievous Vadinho’? Why musicians should take the rap for the fact that our government can not organize this activity, at least as a ‘scoop’ time, why not? After all, we all over the country a huge amount. It is quite clear that the ‘scoop’ system was a lot of ‘cons’, but that had its ‘advantages’. It is not so simple, it is clear that the musician is more convenient to come and work out and just get their money without going through all sorts of taxes, but that question somehow be solved? I think that many or themselves faced with this topic, or heard about it (for example, I know that in this season of the ‘south’ were taken away from kids laptops). Send us your views on this subject.

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