After visits in 2007-2008 in Turkey, Egypt decided to try to relax with his wife in the Crimea. Transfer to the train compartment from Moscow to Simferopol is 4200 rubles per person (a second-class 2500rubley), a trip by road from the calculation, 10 liters of petrol AI-92 for 100 miles, plus food, insurance at the border and overnight on the road for two, costs about 4,000 rubles at one end. Therefore, comparing the cost of travel to the Crimea by rail and road transport, and Having determined that the last way to travel together much more profitable, August 16, departed from Tver to the Crimea to "Mazda CX-7." 70 liter fuel tank, "Mazda", plus 2 cans of 20 liters fills the road twice, once under the wedge to 21 rubles per liter of 92 octane, the second time under the Dnipropetrovsk 24.5 rubles (all prices in U.S. Dollars converted to hryvnia rate of 250 hryvnia per 1,000 rubles). Both items are most appropriate filling for the price and quality of gasoline along the way, so For example, in the Crimea would have cost the filling of 32 rubles per liter at poor quality gasoline. Moscow-Simferopol highway, as we approach the Crimea, is becoming increasingly loaded, so in Ukraine deviate from the route – turn to Kiev, then in Nikopol and Kakhovs'kyi through the dam, and go in the blank, Kherson region, holding the path to Krasnoperekopsk, Armenian. Here, apart from low-cost gasoline and the empty road, the cheapest fruits and vegetables in Ukraine: watermelons of 1.6 rubles per kilogram, melons and 8 rubles, selected grapes for 20 rubles, 20 rubles for peaches and tomatoes for 12 rubles, etc.

In Crimea, it's all worth 2-3 times more expensive. Yalta is approaching. I want to get closer to the sea, so we choose the settlement Mishor. The first trouble – in either a holiday home or resort locations there, the place is only for September.

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