However, the large computer capabilities have significantly increased the reality of his diversity. First, the proportion of subjects may be hiding rozyskivaemyh not on the playing field – the locations, and built-in mini-locations (lockers, desks and the like). Second, the search itself, or rather game tasks, often there are even very diverse. That is, depending on the search for the location of objects is performed by their names or silhouettes. Of course it happens that the same type of things have to look for (utensils, pieces of the mosaic), or already mentioned, the differences between two similar pictures. For more exotic species of the genre can be reduced as hidden object puzzles and search for objects in the dark. In an extreme case highlighted only a small spherical area around a moving cursor.

The third point, playing computer games on the theme "I'm looking for" regularly supplemented by a variety of mini-games (both logically and arcades), built directly into the main location of the game. However, minigames that occur, however, in the intervals between locations were typical for the classical version of the genre "I'm looking for." Without them, search for the infinite process probably would have seemed too boring for gamers. Fourth, casual games are the topic "search objects" are almost always supplemented by "quest" instructions on the interaction of objects and purposes of the game background locations with each other, which allows to speak about the development of the genre "I Seeking "a hybrid form of" I'm looking for + quest. " And not surprisingly, full-fledged "adventure" (without the genre "I search"), in the casual games industry, are relatively rare, it is thanks to the popularity of the genre in this formation "Search for objects." Location category of "hidden object" can have multiple game orders, found that the time of the game consists of several (usually two or three) of adjacent locations, a series of games in which, can be correlated with each other. For some games, themes characteristic of the restriction set forth taymgeyma allotted to overcome the locations or even episodes. In other games the player can think about the choice (at the beginning of the game process) between the regime and the regime of restricted indefinitely. Also found that the time limit for passing the locations in the game is not mortgaged.

Slightly primitive (in form but not content) game mechanism – is not the only thing that attracts the female audience to the genre "I search" ("I'm looking for + quest"). Computer games of this genre already familiar fueled by an original and elaborate plot, often containing a lot of unexpected turns, causing frequent change of "scenery." The traditional version of the genre "I search" is a detective story – Laura Jones game. The legacy of Tesla, but in practice it presents a much diverse. Creators of a fantasy game can send you to the archaeological site or in the underwater world, to exotic places or magical kingdom, the lost island – the game Legend of Wandering. Top or distant past (ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire). In general, anywhere! Formation of the genre "I search" (and "I'm looking for + quest") can hardly be thought complete. The last time there were three-dimensional games of the genre is described, and even hybrids the genre "I search" with the most unexpected categories ("I'm looking for + business simulator," I am looking for turn-based strategy + "). It seems that the genre "I search" so multifaceted that almost endless, as well as of humans eternal search underlying!

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