The purchase of a housing on plane usually raise fears and doubts to the client due to inability to verify housing prior to its acquisition. One of the most important procedures in this process is the signing of the private contract of sale between the two parties involved who will be elevated to public at the time of the delivery of housing. This contract shall be valid even if not formalized before a notary and obliges the parties in all of their terms. In accordance with Royal Decree 515/89, this contract, also have to be drawn up with absolute clarity and simplicity, responding to the principles of good faith and fair balance of the obligations of both parties, which means the prohibition expressly contain clauses that: do not show accurate data on deferred price, type of annual interest or conditions of repayment of the outstanding balances. Allow the seller to increasing discretionarily deferred price or impose the price increases for additional concepts without the decision of the purchaser. Impact about the buyer errors or failures that are not attributable to him. In the first sale to impose obliged to pay costs arising from the preparation of the qualification which, by law or by their nature, correspond to the seller to the purchaser.

Grant the Faculty at its discretion terminate the contract to one of the parties. The contract, must also collect a series of basic aspects related to the purchaser and housing as:-identification data of the seller, Builder and architect. The name, surname, age, domicile, NIF and CIF must bear. In addition, it must be clear that both parties have legal capacity to act. -Full description of housing: drawings, specifications, site plan, building permit, general building description, registration details of the property, statutes of the community, phase of construction and expected date of delivery of keys. -Conditions of purchase, total sale price with the detailed breakdown of taxes and payment. -Indicate who will carry out the contract costs (e) additional taxes. -Signing of all Contracting Parties. In this sense, therefore, prior analysis of the contract, by checking the veracity and appropriateness of all its clauses and sections, becomes the best ally to ensure that the purchase of the home is an investment without risks.

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